Strider FAQ

Striders members receive many benefits for being a Strider member: Race Sign-ups: Members can sign up for over 20 races a year all for a minimal fee of $1 a km up to $20. Striders covers transportation, food and take care of sign-ups for all of these races. The club also sponsors big lottery marathons in the area such as Osaka, Tokyo and Fuji but members need to sign-up on their own and fees are reimbursed after they run. Strider Gear: Strider members receive strider gear at discounted prices. Strider Events: Striders sponsors many events throughout the year as well such as BBQ, Olympian Dinner, Christmas Party and Imperial Palace Brunch Run to name a few. These events are put on for free or at a minimal cost for our members.
Members are required to work both Saturday and Sunday of the Frostbite and Ekiden. Members with work related issues or illness are excused but need to contact a board member prior to the race.
You can sign-up for races at our monthly meetings. An email will be sent out prior to the meeting with race sign-up information and cost.
Races in Japan open up registration months in advance (sometimes 4 months out) and fill up in weeks or sometimes days. In order to get into the races we choose we have to sign-up early so we can register before the races fill up.
Striders have weekly group runs on Saturday mornings. All of these runs are off base and give our members a chance to see some different places to run besides the flight line. All paces are welcome and we have points along the course where we regroup as people get separated. The distances range between 6 and 10 miles but most of the longer runs have turn around points for anyone wanting to run shorter.
The Yokota Striders host two big races a year that allow the Japanese community to come onto base and run with us. The Frostbite Race has a half marathon, 5k and 2k kids race and is held in mid to late January. The Ekiden is a 4 x 5k relay race along with a 5k and 2k kid’s race that is held in Early June. These races serve as the big moneymakers to support strider events throughout the year.
Since the races support the strider events we need all striders to help work them (see member responsibilities). When you are leaving Japan you are allowed to run your last race here. You are still required to work but are put in a job that allows you to do both.